of these poisons increase witliin the body, and hence the diseases to which
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1888, and learned that her family history was good, no heredi-
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from which it appears that the operation has in re-
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lies somewhat deeper. The vocal cord appears to be less
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■•^timu^an'tfiaregivonduringillneKS. Alcohol is prescribed — 1. For
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leans strongly to the belief that a puerperal fever of
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medication. The importance of considering the slightest symptom
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and we have a good programme before us. I have kept you
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treatment. In many cases the animals themselves feel the necessity
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with ferric chloride for a long time. With eosin and methylene
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(artificial i)upil) i)erformed under cocaine. A two
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ire pain in the epigastrium, and with contractions of the muscles of
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teristic of the disease — I might almost say pathognomonic.
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numerous particulars, and to become at the same time their
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Treatment of Complications. — (1) Diabetic Coma. — Certain factors
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The bulk of snow depends on the size and grouping of the crystals, but roughly
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3. The gurgling or bubbling sound is owing to the presence of a
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to avoid draughts. Samples of the air from the box were then analyzed
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ing incident has been told me upon good authority. A man living
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late, whilst a painful sense of constriction is experienced in the throat; the
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filled with dark or coffee-coloured urine, and sometimes softening
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of the multiplicity of the symptoms, that a diagnosis is made without
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The treatises upon the various diseases are philosophical and interesting,
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" fitlenne, O. : Action fur l'appareil cardio-Yasculair* dee injec-
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exhausted. He understood the questions put to him, but his answers were slow and
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vii. Splenic Capsulitis — Perisplenic Peritonitis.
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efect h^^t^"g to 100° C. for fifteen minutes destroys this
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"The topics, as may be supposed, are both judiciously