from the alterations that are produced in all blood kept under abnor-
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who have not clear ideas of these two forms of malignant
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meals, believing that in this way the iron is more readily taken
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dlesex Hospital, both in this disorder and in others of a like
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act upon his liver, which is not a very wise thing to do, of course,
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lations, it is well known, produce fevers at the dif-
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ing of zymotic diseases may be rendered harmless and
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in 1886, and independently by Dr. Howard Tooth later in the same year,
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of identifying the truly virulent bacillus of Loffler come at this
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the least well marked of the three. This springs from the outer layer beneath the
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The Regulations for the Preliminary Examination in General
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title. Title iu 1882 reads: Saggio di statistiea nosologica
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simple process of nature ; therefore, his great experience does not apply strictly to
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given to the patient. She gained tliirty pounds in weight ; her
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Herpditii. — Epilepsy is an inherited disease. Epilepsy and insanity
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from the axilla. It weighed about two ounces, and was
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Heroic Medical Education ; Heroic Medical Practice, by B. W. Richmond, M.D. 438
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Went Ward Uitittn.—'Mt. Andrew C. Johnston has resigned the Shap
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stroyed just as though it had been attempted to mix oil and water; whereas,
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in this country by his writings on the " Functional Derange-
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nothing in the germ cell of an elephant which indicates why it
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rosy is not communicable to man. For a further discussion of rat lep-
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d6mie actuelle de lafifevre typhoide k Paris. Bull. Acad,
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"The war of 1812 proved to be another great school of experience, although
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nanaber of thirty, ten terminated fatally. Unfortunately, no examination after death was
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pulsation is part of the individual make up. It may
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cough. This had resulted in causing the foreign body to pre-
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sult and cooperate with its physicians in matters of
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theoretical, for no exact observations have been made.
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yet seen a case, however, in which lead-poisoning was
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In cases suspected of having tuberculosis, sputum, if obtainable,,
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appetite excited by the wants of the internal organism.