istic form it is unmistakable and readily recognised, but in its less developed
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excessive : the patient cannot bear even the weight of the bed-
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this study a fine imaginative vision — properly schooled and rigidly
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and auscultation: both, methods of investigation scarcely thought of prior
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increase in the amount of canned goods used at present over the
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that time forth he was subject to epileptic attacks. They annually
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Despite the assumptions necessitated in this study due to
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consulting surgeons, 1 was asked by Dr. Keller to see
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their duration is the same as in the spontaneous form.
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thrombin had been formed. Then, either immediately or after an
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M. S. : Shake bottle and take one tcaspoonful every half hour
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between this spirometer and the recording spirometer is that in the
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.■.■Hill'.: u-iui- tu iibhiciMtc r.ipi.'ili the ciiininuiiicitii'n- l'cH\ccii the
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monium in animal juices and tissues.] Arch. biol. uaulc
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tion ; and almost every instance of aphasia is a case in point. Hence
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tion, or Suppurative Fever, and Pldebitis. Mr. Lee's views on
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may observe chronic interstitial indurating pneumonia. The
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always bilateral. In rare cases it is unilateral, and then is most apt to be
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a penny. This followed precisely the same course as the preceding tumour.
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tended, pulse small, hard and quick; syncope, great thirst, and anx-
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11. Deaths in hypertension patients most frequently occurred
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experiment, came to the following conclusion : ( r ) The
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the pathologic processes involved were found to follow a definite
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officials along the Eastern seacoast, there has been
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gtt. V of the former, and gtt. viij of the latter, as
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may be due to other conditions. He is not inclined to
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parently containing intestine only. Flatness on percussion ex-
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and a wild whirl possessed his brain, joined to a universal
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bromides, or morphine, which we prescribed for a while, seemed to
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50; Wednesday, it was 40; Thursday, it was close to
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two years and a half. She had a damaged heart, and a profuse sanious and
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as efficacious as this. In one set of 40 cases, of which
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tated Pettenkofer's experiment were not affected. Pettenkofer did not