man's left side became powerless. The pressure exerted by

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Mechanical Vibration, X-Ray, Finsen Light, Gymnasium, three sunshine pavilions, etc.

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of weak digestion, being so free from spirit. One Dozen for bample,

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accessory factors in blood which have to do with the peculiar nutri-

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pretty numerous slate-coloured cicatrices, indicating the position of former ulcers.

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ingly applied for the office, and obtained it. Mine illtt lacryma.

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in its sixth year, and it is becoming a growing factor in developing and

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consists of a simple saline solution, the contractility first grows

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carefully weighed vessels. The quantity in each vessel may be from two

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we would otherwise expect it to do. u Every fact," says Dr. Carpen-

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males. In 18 cases the habits, as regards the use of alcoholic stimulants,

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Dr. \. AuuK had seen one case where such an enlargement

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Duncan and by Cruveilhier — tending to show that it is not only

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bolism of the brain is exceedingly common in recent cases of endocar-

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?;mcoso-myositis, since there was an inflammatory condition of the

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of the indifference of parents, or, at any rate, a dislike on their part

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1919. Among these there were 44 Class "A" ships, and 24 Class "B"

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Raj AT, H. ; & Peju, G. [See also Peju, G.; & Rajat, H.]

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Of those patients under the first heading — viz., lOO'S^

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holds them in its grip, as yet owns to no specific cause,

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establishment. The first cases are said to have resulted from

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med. beige, Brux., 1890, xiii, 6.56-662, ] pi.— Curtis (B. F.)

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subjects, the generation of heat in the human body,

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found. The absence of all signs of disease of the hepatic parenchyma came

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glossus and palato-pharyngeus of the right side were

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Alcoholism and Its Treatment. By J. E. Usher, M. D.,

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in scarlatina, finding a loss of about one million red cells after de-

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and wide, and one of those just referred to did not know of the existence

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Ist Sympathy is not a mere pathological phenomenon ; it is a

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Treatment of Complications. — (1) Diabetic Coma. — Certain factors

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the vocal cords should be brought more or less closely