to prevail, for, as in the latter, when so perfect an analogy ex-

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catrized pulmonary lesions, and in 2.8% very early lesions.

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Falkenerj entitles his article " Filatow 's Spots in Morbilli,"

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On the undulatory theory of Huygens, light consists of

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cium chlorid in doses of from 2 gm. to 4 gm. (30 gr. to 60 gr.) in

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a single case. We know that there are some species of parasites

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xxxix, l.Alith., 1; 3. Abth., 126: 1894, xl, 1. Abth., 43. Also,

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summit to the tracing. Mahomed regarded the systolic portion of the pulse-

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effusion. He had also frequently found a large highly con-

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ment lous since been tried witii ecpial success by otlier

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4. Evans, J. A., and Bartels, C. C. : Results of high

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distribution of the lesions precluded the possibility

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the underpart, near but not at the end. The parasite, on the contrary, is

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conditions it develops into the characteristic colonies or granules and by

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These three books issued by the American Expeditionary Force cover, in an

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(L.-H.) Le typluis exanth^matique de I'Jle Tudy (Fiuis-

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been dwelling upon the subject ; or if he is a bank clerk, who has heard aU

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ulceration or involvement of the glandular apparatus.

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nounced that all who sent five dollars to Dr. Bartels would

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Med. Ofl'. Local Gov. Bd. 189.3-6, Lond., 1897, 49-52.

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months, at my clinic, besides the above symptoms, there were albumi-

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operations upon the skeleton, the bone-cutting instruments should be

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gallons for good effluents from sprinkling filters or contact beds, 75 to

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black circles are the experimental points; the line, the graph of the

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meso-colon was found closely adherent to the caecum and to

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troduction of a small propk)rtion of teas or agreeable

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Hiravi Graham, Franklin, Pennsylvania, R. F. D. i, No. 9.

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