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and, on the other hand, if they are given separately the patient

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preventing the bladder from becoming unduly distended. Reten-

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the secretary, visit Paris so as to obtain information

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staff of officers, an inspection of the admirably arranged laundry

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middle ear, or tympanum ; and the labyrinth. The tympanum is separated

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perished within ten months, principally of scorbutic

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suggest the presence of pancreatic disease. With the data at present

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ently finding themselves unable to penetrate the joint.

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From a lumbar vein, for example, a plug may extend into the

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local reaction visible. These animals showed a slight and transi-

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The moment that resolution came into my hands, I had not

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* On Diseases of the Brain and Spinal Cord, p. 148, 4th edit.,

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What impressed me as faulty in the diagnosis of diaphrag-

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concur in opinion with yourself respecting its effects, and morees«

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nective tissue diseases, or endocarditis. If there is

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After the defervescence of fever in typhoid cases, when the

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disapproves of incision of the muscular fibers near the rings,

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sufficiently impaired to contraindicate operations on the

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amination — about five months after the attack —

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which betnovate cream is used for removing scars

disturbance; and the patient consequently complains of shortness of

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When the hemispheres are cut away to the level of this sur-

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The rapidity of anaesthesia with holocain is an advantage. The

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treatment has been effectual is the use of the probe, toncbiDg

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lier's observations incline him to support strongly Col. Gor-

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of leukemia and in cases of severe leukocytosis associated with marked anemia.

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paper introducing the subject to the Massachusetts Society.

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anaemic and is likely to develop amyloid disease, phthisis, basal menin-

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iiuj sound, but owing to the complication just noticed, the exact location of

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a period of conception, when its synovise and ligaments grow, the perineum

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manner the difficult theory of reflex action is simplified, as the reflex nerves pass between

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of this in(iuiry has been i)ublished by one of us (Dr. MacXeal''"). The main