processes by which one could isolate plutonium from

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differentiating between multiple sclerosis and locomotor

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Edition, revised. With 362 illustrations, including 22 plates

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latter is always presumable, assuming that general dropsy does not exist.

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Glottis. Nervous Aphonia. Paralysis of the Laryngeal Muscles. Morbid

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d. X. internal, med. Cong. 1890, Berl., ]^91, ii, 5. Abth.,

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the pupil phenomena are absent. The greatest difficulty, however, lies in

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about like other children. But in many cases the commencement of the

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I: H. 29C, on certain peculiarities in the reactions of

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Hepatitis is apt to accompany or follow dysentery in tropical climates,

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cannot be haphazard, but must be under the control of

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Some illnesses involve impairment of mental functioning resulting in

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It is difficult to see how any germ or spore of anthrax, or of any other

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poses, the first two classes have no bearing upon the

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late of soda, which is quite soluble, is found to be a more convenient form for

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they had produced very little suppuration at the immediate point

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little, since, under their cover, we may take breath for the

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advantage of his opportunities for original observation, and

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I will close by asking a place for the " scrub " doctor who, in the brill-

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the femur. The capsular muscles may be considered -as having their

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ology and general pathology of the tonsil, written by Arthur

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