and more curable form of stomatitis, but justifies us in preferring active and

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has not followed any of the operations up to the present.

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quent exsanguination of the trunk. 2. The introduction

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means have failed, and where the patient is evidently

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sened by a shortening of the quarantine periods. On looking over

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of neutral distilled-water. The excess of stain is removed

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diovascular disturbance which will be discussed in detail following the

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culturists have emphasized, what we have always known, that

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Par., 1899, ii, 213-221. Also: Rev. prat, d'obst. et de

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with reference to the history, as well as the existing symptomatic pheno-

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above the building through a special shafts, blown by an

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City Council of Montreal which has long required such

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the only important change that we need at present to consider will be a

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face crowned with its glory of silver- white hair, and beaming

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Wisconsin State Medical Society, Wankesba, June 26.

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expiration of his present leave of absence, to report

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elected were : Drs. Seneca D. Powell, Edward D. Fisher,

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report of the Congress, which will be forwarded to the members

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The spleen is larger than usual. Its contour is irregular and its surface

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cells appear. These may come either from the proliferation of the

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appearance, and normal peristaltic movements are inter-

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