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issued in the fall, and will be edited by Professor Hektoen and

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In no case of syphilis in the early stages should we counsel

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being falsely accused to his king, he was delivered ** out of the

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ing the ingestion of large volumes of water between meals? The small

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Albert J. Solnit, M. I)., assistant professor of psy-

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lation fee of $3. Of those who have attended two full Courses at other Medical Colleges,

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practically nothing was said of the marvellous homoeopathicity

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of the state medical examiners, but they must determine

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The present indications are that deaths fiom cholera on

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They were females with large goiters. They were subject to

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some provision for the Council meeting, because some of the examiners said this year they

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attaining. The industry is still, of course, in its infancy, and the wine pro-

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leucocytes and much fibrin ; under ordinary circumstances there are but

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stain of the pseudo-coccus and the diplococcus of Xei^er

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but near, the os uteri. This hemorrhage continued at intervals for a

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up included cases of such acute infections as typhoid, scarlet and

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justified in lancing the gums in the last nineteen years.

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Between the 2 sets of lenses was a layer of 10 liters of

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bed, and in the attempt ho tore off all the dressings. As a

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\(bich some one must be passed (1) by every .Medical Student on

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These cases are selected because of their similarity in

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organs having no known connection of structure or of func-

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in the infectious diseases, a marked output of urine often occurs, result-

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(d) Report of the Executive Director, Mr. Timothy B.

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should be kept in mind, as reabsorbtion of the dependent

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it is the family physician, friend and advisor, who may

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slight attack of the disease itself was frequently expe-

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The animal, the vegetable, and the mineral kingdoms have

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of 1:138; in the evening, during the same attack (temp. 37.5'' C. —

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ceived Dr. Palmer stretched out motionless and bleeding. He

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Third. The testimony of the individual upon the circum-