writes, "His figure stands out so clearly as he was then — a most
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5 or 6 gm. of calcium and 3 to 4 gm. of fat) that it is very doubtful if
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leave it to nature to induce parturition in those severe cases where medicine
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coroners took office on January 1, 1898, the county coroners
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probably did not know what he should do in order to obtain relief
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lyzed, and both expiratory and inspiratory movements will be
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mycomata are found most frequently in the subparotid glands
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physician did have a turning chair, but that it was not equipped witij
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time when the thermometer indicated a notable elevation of temperature.
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[Mortality from relapsing fever in . . .] Vrach. St. Pe-
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LToring elimination through the cutaneous surface by means of the hot-
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should not be used. It is both dangerous and unhandy.
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Several articles intended for this number were not received in time>
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minutes, after which it was reapplied, and the assistants so directed to make
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ment previously to the act of freezing, and in the course of re-
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agonizing. The patients feel sick to the core. Vomiting is a frequent,
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the parasite in 1895 in Italy, suspected that it was transmitted by the tick
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" So rare," he says, " is mercurial stomatitis in early life that I have
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grin-, nineteen, or 90.5 per cent., had recurrences in the seventh year
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trouble and perhaps death. One is intense shock and the other
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other putrescent fluid. 3. Failure in animals only occurred
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took place in eighty-three patients, following either rose rash,
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rect in relation to the dysentery of 1849-50-51. Other causes
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and cancellated structure of the short and irregular bones ; and
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" immanity"' ground, arising from diversity of the climatic conditions accom-
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'^ Dudley's," in its third edition, superior to almost every one we can
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there was no laceration of the soft parts. After removal to bed,
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have been a most serious obstacle to an exact knowledge of
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This was divided and revealed tliree teeth, one very
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gave way under the pressure, and death supervened from peritonitis. In a
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sympathetic ganglia. Recent experimental evidence has
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flanges which' take place, are modified in their degree and *e «Hg