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illustrated in a case of epithelioma of the vulva. The patient, aged sixty, had
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just before the formation of the areola. Under no circumstances
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quainted with the facts is aware that the obstacles and short-
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the kidneys, 1— congestioii of the lungs, 1— inflammation of the lungs, 5 — old age, 2— peri-
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the segments than in the helminthoid classes. Their muscles
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a prominent characteristic of the hysterical mind is indecision.
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eral monkeys, acquire the power of surviving in the circulating blood
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lay down the following propositions : (1.) In very rare cases rupture
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gynfec, Par., 1893. viii, 4U4-417. . Viabilite des en-
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nastic exercises, etc. It acted as an efficient and light retentive support in many
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to do with the retina or the optic nerve. It is not met with in
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leucocytes, or smaller ; and, save for O^Opp'^ ~p rv -' •
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celerate the healing of a suppurating sore, and such
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given the symptoms disappeared, and a year later had
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so altered that it looks upward, backward, and out-
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in the eye, particularly on the plica. After the lapse of a few minutes,
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quent exsanguination of the trunk. 2. The introduction
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of an inch in diameter. A surgeon had proposed an opera-
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at one moment, we believed our patient gone. Again we re-
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blood was not enough to cause death so soon, although it might have produced
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"There!" he exclaimed, " I told you so. Infernal means ' relating to
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atic disease are rapid emaciation,' jaundice, diarrhcea
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To a definite portion of the filtrate from the phosphate test, add a concen-
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sore as to require intermission of the treatment In an-
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de.sire for life. For a week following ho was iiypnotized daily,
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which Mr. Casack and I could think of employed, the epistaxis con-
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during the war, but is happily not the view adopted by the
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as the kidney is healthy. Since insipid diabetes follows