The globe of the eye is made up of coats and humors. The

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any substantial reduction in expenditure. The only hope was

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10. Maloney RD, Slattery JR, McGowan AJ, et al: Deep penetrating trauma:

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If the quantity of Quinine is increased, the quantity of acid

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accustomed to it, and it may occasion but little annoyance.

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of fever to induce emesis, it will inflame the mouth, fauces,

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the pneumonia is either central, or the secretion in the air-cells

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The a particles are completely stopped by a sheet of note-

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pletely laid aside. Pneumonia was combated by counter-

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the nerve; second, that the ether used was a bad preparation, and had

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under favorable conditions is not so fatal a disease

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promoter, except in certain very favorable cases, the question

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Royal Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons : Presidential

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of Esttra-uterine Pregnancy," as soon after January i, iSSq, as

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the connection between irritations within the alimentary canal and symp*

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to the fullest extent of his ability, to aid this company, that its

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Hughes' Nerves of the Human Body. With Plates by Charles R. Whittaker,

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feet. He had fractured both arms, and had sustained other severe injuries ;

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used also in a great number of cases where it is not supposed

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most marked degree, obvious in the majority of the fibres in all sections

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should be treated in reception hospitals, and from them should

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Spleno-medullary leucaemia blood films, E. J. McWekney, 261.

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had never had any fetid discharge, nor any hemorrhage

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in advocacy of higher education ; in carrying out large

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in making their appearance, come through and do not decay, the swell-

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tion, or transmitted by contiguity of part, by some placental tissue or membrane

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states that the pulse may fall to 28 beats per minute or even lower in these