Dr. HuonLrNQs-JACKSON thought the case a very interesting
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is of medium height, slender, blonde, with a smooth face
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event in the constitution, such as child-birth, after which the
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eration of the flesh, feigning to take scarce enough
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fever. Terebene and eucalyptus oil stimulate bronchial
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doubt, that the sources of disease are manifold, and that it
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/.^., a tendency to an equal duration-~of both pauses ; 3,
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from one to two drachms of salicylic acid to the ounce of salve basis
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development to coalesce with one another, and thus to cover with more
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demented, and the fourth is a grand total of all the groups.
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Whoever, for example, has seen a little pocket faradization ma-
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may be expressed by saying, that the same syn^ytoms
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and most advanced views and conclusions bearing upon the
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found to be dead from the suffocating gas at the bottom of the
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ing calculus. Section of septum by heated platinum wire ;
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long-term HBV carriers. Long-term sequelae of chronic
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was followed by a decided lessening of the pulsation and
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delicate flavor. It is more starch-like in consistency
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absence of haemoglobin is nearly in proportion to the amount of
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applied at the most dependent part to receive it. A bandage
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" In 1856 the number of men invalided was 998, or in the proportion of rather
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panel, and, if uniformity be desired, a panel on the
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During the period when complications of pneumonia were observed
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object of transfixing the neck of the intussusceptum pre-
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employ. We are led to conclude that in certain cases
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Septic poisoning has been urged as a cause in insanity fol-
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Slave of y* Larape (for y' hellishe Contrivance is made to
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stitutions. — In eleven schools none of the students attends
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a year ; but from the homoeopathic stand-point, the whole matter
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vaginal mucous membrane, provides the first chemical inter-
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If I do not misinterpret your investigations, they lead to
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course, measurements taken oftener than once in two min-
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wards of tliis institution were most inconveniently crowded.