Miller Tho.mpson, D.D., Assistant Bishop of Missis-
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ciated with no children, and was constantly under observation. The solu-
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the existence of calculus as determined by surgical exploration, the symp-
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rheumatism, and from rheumatic pericarditis. But the
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intervals and remissions of the disease. I have seen cases where they
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The post-mortem -svas made twelve hours after death. Ascitic
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wrist of a child twenty-seven days old. On the six-
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from one to two grammes. [The Lancet, July 20, 1878.)
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remedies employed, but more recently he had been so
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Professor H. F. Harris, M.D., of Atlanta, 6a., $500 for an
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times a little puzzled at the extradorinary amount of at-
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tack of rhinitis, but about the third day the discharge formed a
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the candidate's eyes, at 20 feet distance from a point of light 10 mm. in diameter
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Army Medical Department. Statistical Sanitary and Medical Reports.
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extend to the ganglia, but cease there. The anterior nerve roots are
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scleral vessels injected; no pain, V. Vsfo only. The left eye retained its vision ^Vn
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class, such as palsy, idiotism, or mania. It is a disease sometimes
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he was then, so he remained ; and, as a practitioner, he won the
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Heft 1, 1896, p. 9.-27. Woods, John F. "The Treatment by Suggestion with and
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first eflect of the injection was to revive the pulse, which had ceased to be
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tice of medicine; it is now applied by the mercurial practitioners to
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Goodman and Harris 8 condemn the use of the mid-clavicular line
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The visitor who goes for business, that is for treatment, does
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tion being as two to one. As regards the periods of life when it may
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room. She complains of nothing except pain upon pressing in the region
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tolling the value of cecostomy in the treatment of car-
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replaced. This treatment should be employed for a long
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honor as Bachelor of Arts in 1850, and receiving the degree of Master