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prefer to call this a Bloodgood-McVay procedure. Like-

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of these tw^o donors were procured accordingly, and are now in

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Hydatids in the kidney are, in all respects, similar to those in other

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course it is accompanied by erythematous redness, which may proceed to

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signs is often a difficult matter in women with large mammae and in stout

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course it is accompanied by erythematous redness, which may proceed to

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The remainder of the book, and not the least important

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after her confinement, and Dr. Batten's case seemed to have some reference

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from the body of an ox that had died of anthrax, and found by direct

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The following is a list of contributors Alliance Members

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observed that hemorrhage tends to take place at particular places. In more than

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scope of this work to enter into a discussion of this topic. I shall present

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upon the subject, that malaria is one of the causes of cirrhosis of the

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Ottawa ; Dr. Wardlaw, Gait ; Dr. Hall, Chatham ; Dr. McCrimmon,

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tained that the disease essentially differed from the ordi-

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At the Colorado Medical Society’s 1986 Interim Session, the PhysicianI Patient Advocacy Committee (PIPAC) was charged

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Republic. One can only judge as to general conditions by what is

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II. Sept., 1837. — Miss W., of Andover, had been for many years

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and I have seen some spurious musk-pods which were so skil-

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heart was soft and flaccid, and four in which it was unusually

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the word "Institutions," that being a generic term comprehending all the titles