duodenum, or when it drops back into a pouch in the
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great difficulty consists in deciding between the diseases of a
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dent point and this fact is taken advantage of by every surgeon. Even
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suspicion of weakness, and have any effeet sooner than that
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ordered to the Holguin district by the following order:
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There are a variety of life income plans, but the CFS
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disease spreads epizootically, particularly when large numbers
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entirely isolated. The author classifies as surgical cases : those in which are
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at first is patchy and later becomes more or less diffuse in distribution, and (2)
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A. Warm poultices to the abdomen. Half teaspoonful doses
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cause of the lack of muscular balance. In some it may not be
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the liver and diaphragm are uncovered by peritoneum. In addition a
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she knows not whence, or how ; and if the general health be good, if her
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the stretching of the aponeurosis if the transversalcs muscles jilayed no part
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Air forced with a bellows through one funnel may be measured
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Lateral Anastomosis. — 8 cases ; 7 recovered, 1 died.
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1885, Dr. Beal delivered Mrs. G. of her first child.
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on the possibilities there are for avoiding injuries calculated to reawaken
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strated the absence of metallic poisons. It was not, how-
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these cheesy masses whenever it is practicable. They are
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gular, yellow mass three quarters of an inch long, l3n[ng on the right side of
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much good in that it taught the Europeans to look to America
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The anatomists of antiquity recognized only one muscle of inspiration and
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are frequently separated by a plateau. The changes in pulse rate during the
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patient had fever and the other ordinary concomitants.
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of the symptoms. The patient should be kept in the erect posture, or
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History. — Canine distemper has always been regarded as a
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on this subject are especially worthy of notice. The
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upon inhibition it is necessary to have control of both pneumogas-
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(b) I am aware that lesions have been found in the spinal cord in cases
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est point reached at any time, and at no other time after the first
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matters, and an increase of fat ; and secondly, that in the