and to impress upon them the broadness of the distinction that

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a word of warning. Since Koch's great discovery we have had

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strapping as you propose, and voted unanimt usiy to tbaak

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beneficial than any other remedy. Three grains of pure iodine was add-

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It is nearly twenty years since coeliotomy for the relief of intes^

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general way— a proper degree of cold is also a relia-

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thus, a contractile collar is formed round the drain tubes, and

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we find that histories of the great epidemics of Europe

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of the eyes. It was able, however, to eat and drink very well, and there

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irritation; this is called Granular Conjunctivitis, Trauchoma or

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9 A. M. — Histology, Bacteriology, Serology, Gastroenterology, Physical Di-

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parts, are present in other parts of the body, e.g. on the right

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aud a disturbance of the function of the liver. He de-

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our moral nature as well ; hence, for its proper nourishment, healthfulness, growth,

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succumbed. Also, it has been shown that phagocytosis has been

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of other motor functions, have frequently been noticed as a sequel

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tice of some physicians to prescribe laxatives and opium together ;

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we are taught by systematic writers that general blood-let-

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clubbing of the fingers ; this, you will note, is entirely absent in this

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specimen of fecal material will answer, as a rule, but it is best to

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irritation. One of the best things to sharpen a needle on,

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amined, there were found but ] 9 cases of true ulceration.

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the more shrewd and unscrupulous, who are thus forced to the wall,

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of cancer of the oesophagus and pylorus, the stricture may be enlarged

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had persisted for years after the birth of the last child, and

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mucous membranes (stomach and bowels) and the kidneys,

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to death, is generally much longer for females than for males, varying in the

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these furnish a striking contrast to what was observed in those not