(Krause^). Irimescu^ prepared a " paratuberculin" from acid-proof
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A. Grueubageu. 3 pts. in 2 v. viii, 710 pp., 1 1. ;
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altogether physico-chemical process, dependent upon the pro-
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the facility with which the immense quantity of serum thrown out after an
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Hughes, M.D., St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital; Harold Jaffe,
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lamina of 11th D. cut with Hey's saw and chisel ; arch of 11th
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occurrence of bacillemia, its persistence during the height of
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cological Operations— Preparation of Patient, Operator and Assist-
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rhages are the bursting of aneurysms into the air-passages or lung-
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point to the finger. The ordinary operation, through an articula-
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suds were ordered, otherwise the patient was advised to rest
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mania; in another there was "misery and despondency."
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tation or gastric oppression; even patients suffering from ulcer
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and said clerk shall; on the first day of January in each year, transmit
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confidential information acquired by them in their pro-
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variety of apples, and, for bread, a fruit-dish contain-
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value. The diplopia, unless it can be obviated by a suitable lens, should be
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hemoglobin, even to 10 fo or 12 fo , is common ; 7fo to 9fc
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ted from the trachea with a director, or with a strabismus hook (Fig.
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in the breast, for instance. A malignant tumor is not
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confidence, but he believed that the period of infectivity was of
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extirpated and the wound was closed by a flap taken from the frontal
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water and was taken into the human body in this way.