French confreres, they seem content with pressure, immobilization, and
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much coated; pulse, 126; temperature, 99^; respira-
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fetal morbidity in placenta previa in puerperal eclampsia consists in the
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as marble, or the coldness being like that of a cadaver. Profuse sweating
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had been the gentleman who had brought the subject the
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the mucous membrane of the stomach proper, but, as we ac-
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and Dr. Osier, under whose care she is, inclines to
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of nitric and lithic acid, both secreted conjointly
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picric acid, may form a yellow crystalline or amor])h(jus iiroduct,
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The law which governs mortality is Tint tli- ^-uri ■• r^- tint vhich governs
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determines the concentration in the blood stream. Some cats
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types are represented, but one is predominant. It is probable that the mam
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the ears. Where the deformity is great, in consequence
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this time till liis death, which occurred in 1888 from an abdominal
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to settle that this or that symptom occurs so often in one
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quantity it could not be sold for less than one dollar.
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This suggests a fruitful field -for the improvement of our materia
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before the two were mixed by agitation, the latter settled to the
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As Assistants in Compounding and Dispensing Medicines : —
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ever, after all but adaptations to clinical work of experi-
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Symptoms. — General symptoms of stomatitis, and, on in-
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stupor, coma, immobility, or paralysis, depend upon the seat of
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ren Behandlung. Wien. Klinik, 1884. x, 73-116.— Weiss
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in other cases there is spasmodic contraction of the muscles of the ab-
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It may be inferred, therefore, that the Buceesses in the treat-
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ii, 1-26. . De I'influenco de I'etiologie de I'adulte sur
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vessel in a water-bath, and keep the water boiling for 3 hours;
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(T.) Fungoid poisoning. Biit. M. J., Loud., 1882, ii, 1034.
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half, the more susceptible x-rayed animal does not respond w^ith an
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sought for, but the therapist is not a criminal investigator.
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Harvey, Pii. F., Assistant Surgeon. — Wlien relieved by
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