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and the ganglion cell possessed a fibrillary structure,
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Notwithstanding the indefinite premonitory symptoms,
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these circumstances the affection is liable to be mistaken for dysentery.
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water, let it stand for twenty-four hours in a close vessel, then transfer it to a
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rhages are the bursting of aneurysms into the air-passages or lung-
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cooked in the kitchen of the hospital. When one came
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impossible. In particular, the distinction from gastric ulcer cannot be
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cretion of the Visiting Physicians and Surgeons, individually.
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parietes were detached by the fingers, and about ten
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away they may seem to be from traditional doctrines or digni-
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certain special symptoms. The liver usually increases rapidly in size,
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tile Bkin and muscles, emaciation or an abnormal ae
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nal ring; — it was a case of strangulale<l hernia with
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passage is slower and several hours are required for the stomach
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terest in the collegiate department of the university ;
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Kev., 1897, xi, 19-24.— Andrade-Peuny (E.) Ou tlie
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as in Fig. 255. The physician's fingers compress the phrenic
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support, the head thrown backward, the mouth open and gasping with
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his meals in the kitchen; did not know <vhether he
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Karl Deichgraber, Die griechische Empirikerschule, 2nd ed. (Berlin/
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field of ophthalmic surgery. The titles of some of his
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temperature and an increased excretion of carbonic acid.
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danger of the callus implicating the nerves in badly comminuted
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Turkey, and after many adventures was made physician
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Three new works on obstetrics have been recently published. The first 1
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three days after the accident, sepsis had already developed. The
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if necessary with quinine and other tonics. The necessity of avoid-