of the septum, and neoplasms. It may arise from gastric disorders.

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when simple excision should l)e empluyed in the re-

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tongue, throat, and larynx centres. A three-quarter-inch tre-

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cers serving in the Medical Department^ United States

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case fails to yield, surgical intervention may prove of benefit.

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of a professional career. In Rasselas, the excellent Dr.

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commonwealths, there is established a respect for, and confidence

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amusing himself by throwing exfoliations from his body

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Coccidioidomycosis, Michael L. Yozwiak, Linda L. Lundergan,

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17. Glaessner and Sigel. Bed. klin. Woch., 1904, xli, 440.

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haematuria of two years' duration. The haematuria, of renal origin, was not continuous ;

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fection was brought to America through the negro slave trade. Hook-

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between the several Schools, and the succe.-s of each

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patient dispensaries for known cases of tuberculosis

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tallises in slender hexahedral prisms, having a silky lustre. It is soluble in lfl

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are complicated by significant bone loss, a diminished blood

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on the possibility of diet exercising an influence on diabetes.

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farms were fed at their lord's expense, their chief

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indeed, of undoubted authenticity have been recorded, in which it certainly

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134 Determination of Sex : a Review of the Subject, with Re-

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Until within the last eight months had l)een stout and healthy. Parents

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degrees, and the beautiful and healthy site of the College,,

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day school. In the spring of 1859, six weeks after the patient had again com-

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and wash out the ureters, but I believe it is always with us, and I

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pneumonia of the right side, with chills, pain in the right side, pneumonic crepitus, and

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Dropsical accumulation occurred in eleven cases ; in many it was gene-

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evidence could not be found to confirm the suspicion.

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be quite small. In some of Barclay's cases no ulcer was found at an

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getting into the vagina in females, and even into the urethra, and

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1887-8, xxlv, 106-169.— Filzpatrick (C. B.) Notes on the

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