ground-floor and part of the house, except the staircase and
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unattainable peace a hushed family circle had boarded up the windows,
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For myself, being Physician to only a provincial Hospital
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operation, more than lias been described, will be of no avail."
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on the body as the result of accident ? These are questions, the answers to
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their way out with the median or musculo-spiral, perhaps. I do not
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and easily compressible, no appreciable disturbance of the respiratory
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evolution of CO2 : the moment of l)elching being utilized for articulation.
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for much ingenuity and the keenest vigilance on the part of the dis-
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tus, the result already being a steady disappearance of
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accordingly put the patient under a course of treatment
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administration of gradually increased doses. The selection of
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to be recognized, except as a reddish, yellow, or brown stain. If one of these
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that as a result of the accident he has suffered from some diminu-
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relief in the Hospital for Women in Soho Square, then in St. Mary's Hospi-
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showed vision of both eyes normal, with apparently a low
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If there be difficulty in accomplishing this manoeuvre, let
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matter, emphasis and the instructor's preparations. Specifi-
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ly varnished and polished before it receives the size or gold
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The smallest air tubes are distorted, or else nearly obliterated so that their pres-
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possible that the supposed dengue is nothing more than a
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whole he did not think distinct improvement was traceable to it That
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nearly 50 per cent, had lost considerable weight; 4
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life, has lately come under ray observation. I extract
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In cases suspected of having tuberculosis, sputum, if obtainable,,
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sponsibility. Suppose we could name fifty or a hun-
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J. S. DoiiSAY CuLLEN, M.D., died iu Richmond, Va., March
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Taken March 21, 191o, showing a waves occurring regularly with slightly prolonged a-c intervals.
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In battle s front our blades will blunt, like soldiers, I and you.
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half, the more susceptible x-rayed animal does not respond w^ith an
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evident in the left iliac fossa. The patient suffered greatly with constipa-
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campaign. The limited e.xperience of the past has, how-
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