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gave promise of cure, but they could not remain longer.
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a large amount of pus evacuated at the time of the operation, and the
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vinced of its great value. Guaiacol is one of the few drugs
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tension."* 5. Habitual constipation. The first four
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1819; and second, the Cincinnati Hospital, organized in 1836, and
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read by Dr. Fred B. Lund of Boston, before the Mass. Med. Soci-
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woman ; some more particnlarized information is forthcoming of the
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Thomas Dunlop, Bart., G.B.E., LL.D., ex -Lord Provost of
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skin, or of the digestive tract, or of the kidney, or of nervous
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1980 on repairing the results of our neglect of health — that
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think of it, we are rather more of the same mind with the little old fellow living on the Jersey Flats.
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Influenced by this noble and liberal sentiment, the author gives us graphic
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of property in Canterbury and at Oxford. Evidence remains that they
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Recently sodium cacodylate has been used with results that lead to the
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pain. Her complexion was unhealthy, her tongue furred, her
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difficult to speak accurately ; but the gamekeeper who sent it
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Principles of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy,
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from below upw-ards, from before backwards, and from the-
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Aside from protecting cattle from disease germs, the best
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the ulcer occasions, render the affection one of much gravity.
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