ment entered into by him with the Office was just such as any prudent
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of the thorax with one needle and on that of the abdomen with
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June 27, 1896 (Pathology). Arsenical Neuritis : Dana. Brain, vol. ix. Lead Neuritis :
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question of the result obtained by excision. Here three prin-
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ment of the patient (for which courtesy I am greatly in-
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products, and is taught to base his opinions, in diagnosis
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point to prove, as it appeared to me, was that there was no inflammation whatever,
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infection practiced at the bedside. Outbreaks in institutions should
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class, such as palsy, idiotism, or mania. It is a disease sometimes
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solve itself into the simple o})eration of straining or passing the
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join established office practice in suburbs; goodnight/weekend
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give hot gargles, or let the patient gargle with hot tea. If the swell-
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are in health, and still more likely is the skin to be
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as one of the choicest gifts of Providence to our country. No person
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Henrik Kellgren.'' They ma}' be emploj^ed on loth cerebro-
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Robertson immunized monkeys with this coccus of Penfold's, but they
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sary services of a health department will not be available
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saved entire. But one case seen several years ago, and treated
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sac, which has not yielded to a thorough employment
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life in half an hour — that in this short time, four-fifths may be removed from i
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JOO to 200 c.c. per day is common. Occasionally one can speak of a
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the test-meal, is suirgestive. General nervous symptoms and the absence
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reading there may be a devil of giddiness.— (Ditto.)
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ously, followed by a free escape of faeces and urine. I made a
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Services, I give orders to the Brigade and Wing medical officers for the disposal
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stood erect after being injured or not. Other appearances
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and quite eftective for purposes of experiment. When an
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