warm bath and the proper administration of simple sedative remedies.

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the alcoholic habits of the man had something to do in making

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lial flakes, apparently dry, but always oily. Moist seborrhea of the

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either to expand their enterprises or to seek relations

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The idea that there is a scientific exactness in the employment of the clinical

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material about the middle of its course ; the part below, together viUi

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What of the patients themselves? Expectations were set

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fifevre typhoide. Normandie med., Rouen. 1888, iv, 97-104.—

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of the presence of an abscess in the temporo-sphenoidal lobe are often

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are blended a spasmodic and a febrile element. Some, again,

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rician should be directed to shorten the second stage of labor.

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never suspected. In syphilitic lesions the prognosis is still

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None of these gases are given off in sufficient quantities

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and deeper structures; line up any bony abnormalities; second

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Vin Mariani in Exhaustion. — We have had occasion in numerous instances to

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4. Find the minimum amount of this food necessary to confer protection.

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There were present Drs. Chas. Jewett, J. J. Lamadrid, G. W. Wells, H. G. Small,

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as reckoning that all such should be kept secret. While I continue to keep this

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tinct in appearance and structure, and are well defined one from the other.

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and deaths are those kept by the Health Department, and

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ebellum converge to form the crura, or peduncles on each side. The superior peduncles pass

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During ten months she had suffered frequent and great losses of blood, unac-

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of a better hospital record, is concentrating her energies

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not strictly Medical, has bequeathed ^£100 to the Salisbury

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intact. He continued to walk about, although his back grew

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•died when patient was a child. Three brothers and

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parasite are in no way connected. Our third report (1911, 2) gave an

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