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Lieblein warmly recommends alcohol injections, which were origi-
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the spleen has long been noted. In primary cirrhosis of the liver the
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to call the case "idiopathic." There may be idiopathic
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lightness, and solidity make them, however, highly valuable
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favored by opportunity ; but it would be idle to say that,
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and we rise from it with the conviction that Liebig, so far as
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erection of sanatoria for phthisical patients in which: 1, the
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application of germicidal agents to the bacteria located
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3. Chronic gastric catarrh often accompanies phthisis and other
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to neutralize the free HCl in 100 c.c. of stomach contents is muIlif^iM) by
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the production of muco-pus in greater or less abundance. Resolution
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They’re expensive because your financial needs continue,
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1902 {Covimended for Thesis): William Tyrrell Patterson, Scotland,
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that the general practitioner meets with both trachoma and op-
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a rule, on the second or third day the stools become slimy and bloody in
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so that emboli were thrown off and carried into the circulation ?
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use of nets, which, the Major said, he had done for the purpose
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sation to those who conduct them, and quite a large proportion are pub-
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experiments upon himself, with various poisonous drugs,
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and crimes that make the life of the hero miserable
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veins, and in the larger of these and in the longitudinal sinus there is a