years of age, and had a compound fracture of the fore •
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ings of the Connecticut Medical Society, said that he had been
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directly proportional to the height of the immunity of the animal
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the brain, if not of all nervo-muscular tissues, are princi-
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rie. Under his magic touch the vices of Burns are foftened
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anatomist has not been able to demonstrate these things to us as often
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fortable if slight, and after careful examination, and you are sure
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rotomy and a puncture, with regard to its effect on the
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cess through the meretricious aid of personal loveliness.
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eases which the human family is heir to, and which has
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points of the toes. Cramp of the flexors of the wrist and thenar muscles I
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of the machine are to come up to standard. The subjects of the second year
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, and influence of those tendencies in our lives of which it can be
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anxious to do right, were the quicker to complain of
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Dr. Chalmers said he thought that Dr. Thomson himself offered a
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two small pyloric ceca. The food-fish has two large
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cases some two years ago, tmder the direction of Professor Brueger,
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The number of serum antibiotic levels increased dramatically this year as
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such a patient, he has two procedures to adopt. The wound may be
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only where methods or results are in dispute (such as the relative
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pears, while the daily quantity of urine increases, as does the excretion of urea.
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the Rectum ; and although your patience is already exhausted, I must
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nares caused by the dilute tincture is trifling in severity, and of short dura-
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The obstruction need not be from narrowing of the ostia through which
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days on water alone. The second case is in vol. ix., page 499, of a criminal,
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Finally, if a case should again arise in which an operation might be
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ganglia, than would leukemia. The presence of the reflexes and
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discussion of which is far from being closed. There
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for ten minutes. Pour the hot syrup over as many red bananas,
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the part of the subject experimented upon, either in a horizontal or per-
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up included cases of such acute infections as typhoid, scarlet and
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Boston ; The Trade Aspect of Medicine, by Dr. Albert H. Gihon,
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Experiment No. 1. — A large and powerful pariah dog was
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symptoms suggested a small epidemic of cerebrospinal