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greatest debility prevails,and symptoms of universal putrefaction

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but little attention has been paid to it beyond dressr-

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operation for bullet wound, acts not only as an aux-

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on the practice of medicine have treated this disease, and the confusion which

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through the center, and the variations in subjective

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which we successively examine under the microscope, with the aid of

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on information from the first prenatal visit because the

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first essential things. However, we know very well that opium

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of these reasons are anatomic, or mechanical, and two are physiologic

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Dr Frederic Hyde read a paper upon the '• Compli-

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respiration. The man had died, accidentally suffocated from this mechanical

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J., Loud., 1893, i, 460. Also [Abstr.] : Lancet. Lond., 1893,

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the scales; and we shall nearly always effect our object in two or three

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it, although all must be exposed ? " There is no doubt that of the

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(extension) of the vertex by the obli(iuely inclined pelvic floor, now bulging

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fied my desire for enjoyment and profit by studying Dr.

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ures) in which is retained some urine from one urination to the next,

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Revieyjs and Bibliography. — Gailleton, Elementary Tieatise on

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disease reaches its maximum. It may prove fatal within twenty-four hours.

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5. If one steps on a lady's train never stop to make

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form of foot-bath, or that of a lotion to the lower extremities.

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during the following twenty-four hours. It appeared weak and some-

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extravasation takes place in the same situation. More frequently a sub-

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1740 and 1741. 'Sept., 14; severe in 1729, violent in 1741. Oct.,

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by means of which the morbid influence is conveyed to the medulla, whence it is reflected through the motor nerves

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ansemic. Has been treated for uterine disease, and the cer-

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bone) to twice tlieir natural size. \ number of tumors could