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3% (n=47) to a home health-care agency, and 1% (18)

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Rolandic area, (ix.) Facial monoplegia (or this combined with aphasia,

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called ; I believe it is pretty well settled now that they are tubercular.

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deformity. We should also take careful note of the condition of the skin — the

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obstruction or with a greatly distended abdomen, or distended stomach. These

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(1887 a).— Idem . . . fur das Jahr 1886. 7 pp. Liibeck.

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ard, Jr., in proper time to make inoculation and anaerobic cul-

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try to remove the contents of the uterus without any attempt

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and habitat. All tubercle bacilli have not the same virulence,

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almost useless position, excision or osteotomy may be tried

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WILLIAM VVILEY, of Baltimore, manuAictnrer of Cutlery and Surgical Instruments, No. 93 Water

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elevation of temperature occasionally seen at the commence-

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neighbouring tissue. These signs constitute the points of difference between

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may be easily confused and a certain mental slowness is frequently

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tion of skin without a pedicle (Wolfe's operation) for

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profession is discredited and reduced to the level of the

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intrusted with the direction of an institution in which it is of

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obviously it is due to lesion of the cerebral rather than of the meningeal

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the Porro-Miiller operation, but that for some inexplicable

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of the chest walls and the dissemination usually render diagnosis from

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dispensary. We teach first-aid but do not allow the men to treat.

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directed against the reproductive glands, such that the serum of

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ture is progressing rapidly towards its completion, and will

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the sponge-tent frequently. I have thus far escaped

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portion of the growth was removed by the indirect method and the

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name of "The Minimum Operation." The causes of death in the fatal cases