lent matter emitting a cadaverous odor." Brocchi found "albuminous
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skull, pushing the diu'a mater inwards, at one time led to the supposition
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catarrh. Chronic bronchitis is set up, and emphysema super-
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[12] Steenmkykr. Quoted hy Lewandowski, Centralbl. f. JJakt., 1904, xxxvi, p. 347.
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F. P. Graham, of Lisbon, who has been critically ill with pneumonia
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applies to all growths. Four came to operation, and in them the
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The following is a history of the case : In February, 1877, the left eye
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from Hartnack. Weggener strongly advises Benecke, a Berlin
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and that there is not now a majority of said Faculty in Cincinnati to
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odour of the pierre puante. The rocks of Saratoga present
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diminished ; and after fifty there are comparatively very
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sary services of a health department will not be available
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fifty pounds in the beginning of his ailment ; lately
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federal legislation both present and future affecting
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outdoor air. All efforts should be made to have these
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hospitals of our large towns until the disease has passed into the
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patients affected with the disease have been admitted into wards containing sur-
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Training schools and the nursing service of hospitals are being success-
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the patronage and assistance of our Medical brethren through-
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the stomach and duodenum, and a vacant area in the duodenum. There
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have been immediately relieved, and in the com-se of two or
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respiration. You may succeed now and then in hearing a species
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summarised as ignorance, negligence, and vice. Mr. Curgenven
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It was stated that we cannot get the people to believe there are such
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paste ; rub it till quite smooth, and add half a pint of boiling
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with a younger practitioner, when blistering in acute head
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