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At the meeting of the A. M. A. at Boston, Dr. G. Stanley Hall,
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January l'J13, conijilaining of difficulty in using his tiuuubs, which
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spective of species, so far used for experimental purposes. In
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had penetrated the vertebral canal and compressed the cord.
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no part of the apparatus which can not be made when
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1819; and second, the Cincinnati Hospital, organized in 1836, and
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(6) As in Mr. Anderson's, and unlike Mr. Fotherby's case,
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with the history that he had been run over by a heavy waggon.
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tillation then his nervous system has received such a shock,
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the defendant's sanity beyond a reasonable doubt, in order to
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contrary, the inflammation and its consequent tumefaction are seated in
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swelling of the mucous membrane are important elements in the col-
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They have no effect on the smooth muscle of arteries in rather con-
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Vrach,St,Petersb„1895,xvi,412; 448,— Widal (F,) Osteite
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the statistics offered by other observers. Lebert, for instance, found the
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largely to our resources. Thus it will be admitted that the doctrines of
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submitted to the culture-process of Pasteur fluid obtained from vesicles
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research, and the fact that the chief indexes of medical literature have
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hsematuria occurs chiefly in the better classes, the severer forms of
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skin incision, and insert a blunt probe to pusli the sac into the intra-nasal