Evening. Much relieved ; pulse 130 ; tongue moist; less drowsy, and free from

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the blood is fixed in the skin, the "peripheral heart." In

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the proportion of developmental cases, whether with or without classes

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cause of death detected by the attending physician. Two

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' Of this mixture, one, two, or three table-spoonsful should first be taken, ac-

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form of syphilitic lesion to the numerous ones already described.

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Dr. Mackinnon, of the o7th Reginient, who, during his stay

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decomposition of iron pyrites. As much as 15 per cent of

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not, home treatment should be commenced at once. The sputum of

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the retina would be rendered blind. In time the animal learns to make up for

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which I felt deeply interested, I was led to look into the practice

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their mutual safety had but little effect at first,

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mitted, with the rest, to the Tower, and remained a prisoner there

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ent in these severe types of trigeminal neuralgia have

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heart, and atheromatous degeneration of the cerebral blood-vessels, often

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f See, also, Biggs, "N.Y.Med. Jour.." Aug. 18. 1888, p. 177;

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great difficulty consists in deciding between the diseases of a

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*A paper read before the Wayne County Medical Society.

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out his arm fairly straight, and the place of the fracture

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tures are being published in the Journal of the American Medical Asso-

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Aberdeen by Professor Hay ; in School of Medicine, Edinburgh, by Dr

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ant evening with Dr. and Mrs. Easton at Dr. Hood's house.

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dition is of infinitely less danger than that of acidosis.

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ience, proper light, ventilation, etc., in the construction of

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treatment will be necessary. The diet must be generous, a

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used. Successive platings on agar, as indicated in the

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in chocolate, when the taste is disagreeable, as it needs no mastication.

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and, in moderate but adequate doses, to leave the other free from appreci-

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myelitis in such a case is often confined to the surface of the cord, and

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the mosquito has never become general even in districts where it is very

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