or alternating with outbursts of cutaneous urticaria. The implication of

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thoracic muscles ; foaming at the mouth ; lividity of

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syphilitic growths of this organ. The patient had had constitutional syphilis.

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32. Utpl *fonos waiSlov, On the Nature of the Embryo,

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Censors are to be chosen by the President and College, or commonalty,

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whether in at least some of these cases the infection is not due to

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as well as the chemical analyses, except the Wassermann tests, were

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in speedy death. This diversity of result is commonly recog-

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of urea was 336 grains. This quantity varied, for, upon the 19th of

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Compound tincture of iodine completed a cure in many

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asylum, away from friends and under the influence and control of

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systolic 104, diastolic 64. The patient lost 7 pounds during his illness.

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healthful demand is met in the careful training given in

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is best treated with the galvano-cautery, while for com-

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Dr. a. W. Knox, Raleigh: I utterly fail to recognize myself in what

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foot or toe, running a chronic course, and giving rise to consider-

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don Ophthalmic Hospital, Gray's-inn-road, W.C., vice H. A Reeves

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of retinal venous pulsations. In addition, there was weakness

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us suspect that suppuration is taking place : it' the pain be thence-

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or ulcerated, the scabs are liable to be renewed, and troublesome ulcerations

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which followed ; still, that was a question open to argument.

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