Dr. Abbott, in the course of his plea for "justice,"

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Stringfield, Thos., Jr., Waynesville; Univ. S. C, 1934; U.N.C 1934

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up with a little sugar and milk, or water, answers this purpose the best.

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In December, the brain having been sufficiently hardened in

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Ill ? GCk ment ! ons a case in which fifteen grains of tartar emetic in solution

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draw their patients. Cases are diagnosed and sent for treat-

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son obliged to work for his livelihood, and Mr. Smyly re-

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years. Feeble, however, are the hopes that may be reasonably indulged

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that the whole course of the malady, its morbid anatomy, with the growths of

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A question of the highest in^Kurtance, yet remains on-

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have only to follow the method, advised by Prof. Tlebra, of rubbing

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relaxation of the bowels; loose, yellowish, or slimy evacuations, or char-

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It was at my first alma-mater, the College of Medicine of Southern California,

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appoint Boards of Censors for that purpose. It will be seen that the

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of the forty-two hermetic books, which were composed,

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is pulled about the floor, or both successively. We

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though not painful nausea ; frequent attempts to vomit ; purging ; a slow, feeble, and

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Guinea Pig 5. — The same inoculation as Guinea Pig 4. In 12 hours marked

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In the world encircling movement, which has had for

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larynx as the seat of disease. Tracheotomy has been rej>eatedly performed

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Judging of their labours by the records of the Koyal Medical

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Medica] .Juris- Sir Douglas Dr Littlejohn.^ ^^^^ ^l^l

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were rare even though the kidneys might be in a state of de-

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sent the first stage of a process which if prolonged and perfected occa-

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used at the outset, in place of the alum, but for this risk of cystitis.

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Again, if the patient be made to sit up, the rectus abdominis is felt

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permanent causes which prevent the absorption of the albumose, so

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disease spreads epizootically, particularly when large numbers

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ment for these poor creatures on the one hand, and for de-

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gave way under the pressure, and death supervened from peritonitis. In a

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to bacterial invasion. As Vaughans has pointed out, the period of