102 Use of Aromatic Sulphuric Acid in Necrosis. [August 17,
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^^'hat have the ardent woman suffragists to say about
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whether enough toxin was available for the quarantined wards alone,
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Index, 1894, xv, 109-111. A iso, Eeprint. Ai«o|Eev.]:
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The treatise in which Magati has written these things
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health. His letter also referred to the business of the Society,
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, tocic," simply to modify the effects of the ergot, and the lat-
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of the first male in each generation only being considered.
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by the state of the vital powers ; in a low and enfeebled state of the general
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nnumerable epithelial cells which are constantly being
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development to coalesce with one another, and thus to cover with more
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in all persons; there are mild forms of cholera, and
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euralgic affection called angina pectoris has been considei^ in
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Sneezing with powder of Nigella seeds, and roots of black Hellebore or fume of
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disk was simply pale. Mr. Brewerton kindly examined her later, and
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venereal run-arounds,but the following treatment will, in addi-
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merely distended lymphatic vessels through the vaginal roof.
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his speculations on particular forms of disease, he be tempted
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tion ; and almost every instance of aphasia is a case in point. Hence
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Experiments were mentioned in which the circulation throuirh the
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tuated near the temporal ridge, and in this situation the scalp was entire and
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Laveran and Mesnil 1901, which exists in two varieties — parva and magna —
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together until melted. While cooling incorporate the
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My treatment consisted of the following: 1, Time. 2.
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as a matter of form than anything else, tried internal version,
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after day, it is more than likely, I think, that his illness would
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the school grounds at 8:45 A. M., which does away with tardiness, and
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receive from, or confer upon, its members ; and that the
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or amplifying what is given in the text. These are on the whole
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as 1850 Dr. Quain pointed out the hability of a fattily degene-
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of the duodenum, near the distal border of the pan-
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propriety of excision is approved by the profession generally.
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that the same was the case in the epidemic form of the disease, as it occurred in France.