I shall not be able to reciprocate his kindness unless
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so hopeful that t'uy cannot believe in the probability of a
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if it contains an unusual (quantity of decaying vegetable mat-
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The symptoms of the most important individual poisons ^vvill be
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tion of fever. At 8, thermometer said 105 degrees. Quinia,
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another job.” Some of our best people, especially
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istered in this free and bold manner, will, in the worst forms of
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fatal cases, death takes place usually within a few days ; and it takes place
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valent in most of the northern towns. In Newcastle, where
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made on the intestines by the bulk of the liquid. Perhaps,
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peutics, at the Thirty-Eighth Annua! Meeting of the
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the excretion of urea and other effete materials is prevented. Usually,
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or to guests specially invited by the president and secretary
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lobalea, and in many places there are distinct islets of embryonal connective
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divided peritonreum be brought together with sutures, and the
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efit from the application of the insurance principle. Yet
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tumour to the left loin, I ligatured. She got quite well^ but
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He is perfectly rigid, so that he can be lifted, merely by putting the hand
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5. No dependence must be placed on vinegar, camphor, or
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Eev., Lond., 1898, xvii, 209.— Bnfalini (G.) La peronina :
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deposit of a brownish pigment in various sites on the skin, especially the
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J be perfectly devoid of danger), runs into maculated fever in Ireland, and
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Syphilis deserves separate consideration as a preventable cause of
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the wounded and starving of their Germany and France.
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Causes. — Active congestion is usually caused by some irritating
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feces or foreign substances in the sigmoid flexure of the colon, and of intra-
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taken place, producing what is described as a trau-
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direct and indirect. In many cases a stone In subacute pancreatitis make an incision
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haemorrhage where gastro-enterostomy had been performed
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wave not obtained, no tenderness, too tense for satisfactory palpation.
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to be the only one we can offer to such patients. In con-