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out his arm fairly straight, and the place of the fracture
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more. I would rather, therefore, with all respect to the Com-
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sation, it would be found that almost every cause put down for
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linen, food-stuffs, etc., and from these resting places it may be conveyed back
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diminishes." Much in the above quotation is pure hypothesis, not sustained
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pened to have incipient pleurisy. The pleura has been said to be
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elements are not known, and cannot be calculated. Thus, when we
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monition addressed to Mr. Simpson [October 5) : —
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question with which it is connected. Meckel, in his edi-
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Intestinal worms are also said to be a prolific cause of con-
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continual renovation, keeping pace with the never-c^'as
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ease. This might be accounted for either by supposing that it had
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after being ill for more than three weeks. He was born in Shelbourne, N. Y., on
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jecting him to the treatment with er}'sipelas and pro-
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with his professional hobby — training interns and residents . — Ed Bridges.
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sample of gelatin, slightly darker in color, but prepared in the
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for the good of the public, and they desire especially that
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eruption following radiotherapy does not differ much
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tents of the cavity has commenced, or is evidently about to take place;
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simple warty papillomata existed in the larynx two and four
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the Constitution and paying five dollars ($5.00) to the Treasurer of
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denly converted into doctors and physicians of Col-
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sionally proven efficacious. It was often, however, dan-
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who inquires for "the cow that gives the it is unfortunate but true that the
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South Italy suffered the most severelv— viz., Ancona, Bari,
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and this expectation has not been disappointed. As it is itself a summary, it is
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of amoebae, one pathogenic, the other harmless. Later Schaudinn
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* Scientific Memoirs, Government of India, Nos. 34, 37, and 48.
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