from it, or communicating to it some unnatural sound, for the

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tered throughout the entire length of the middle intestine, pressing toward the

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occurred on June 21, 1915. The eruption was seen by us on August 6,

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Original Communications from Eminbmt Mxmbebs or the PRorEssiON.

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milk diet is similar, but the disease is so prolonged that it can not be

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There is, moreover, general perversion of sentiment and of feeling.

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toms of acute catarrh do not occur inunediately, but oome on next day.

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patient is one of the unfortunate race of organ-grinders,

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as to form a sort of sac holding the tumor together. No vestige of the

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drink. But a rather sudden collapse took place on the even-

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palpitations. The mind in such cases is frequently irritable and des-

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niary 8 I saw her for the first time. It was I means always that any one symptom points,

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hernia; or, again, in the amputation of large tumors of

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account of the previous puerperal history of the patient by Dr. Shel-

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found the various symptoms and indication for the use

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ing the discovery of radium was read by Becquerel to the

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due to difference in the antigen solution. First incubation was in the water-

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they are an offense, and their elimination is an important matter.

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4. Whether decreased voluntary activity will aid in main-

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prevail together, as in the Galveston epidemic of 1897. The differential diag-

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between eight and fifteen years old, but sometimes in adults up to the age

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be Commissioners to open books in the several principal towns in the

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age of each to 5 months 26 days. As their average admission

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be referred to this disease ; and Boerhaave mentions an instance in which a mao who