Fig. 1 — Postmortem blood smear showing spherocytosis.

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the latter. The operation in this case is generally facilitated by

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blood. If intermittent fever ia very protracted, the apyreiias often

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vious character. That such winds have been found to be instantly fatal

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cyanosis. There are many cases recorded in literature of deaths on the

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evolution of CO2 : the moment of l)elching being utilized for articulation.

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'' It was during his researches into the blood parasites of the Gambia

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the ligature. It is therefore plain that in the veins the

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healed, and the pericardial fistula yielded a smaller and smaller quantity

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lains might in many instances be arrested if the rainfall of the

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105-200. — Manlcy (T. H.) On the role of primary and

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ine hydrochloride solution was at once instilled. In

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reaction may not be complete. The stomach continues irritable, thirst

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sister, who were shut up in a tower and condemned to a

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urethrograph was introduced and Fig. 3 taken. Compar-

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fully kept cleaned out, not alone for the relief of the

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Modern Rifles." First, Dr. Horsley showed some photographs of bullets

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given for the company plaintiff, and the judge, citing the

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are controlled by different managements and have been

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tions with normal motor function, the reaction was also

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vised — that of Dr. Halsted, for instance. In certain

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lateral ligament; another below the internal condj^le divides the internal

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The authors state that this method gives constant and reliable results, and are

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Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna is an ethical Proprietary remedy and has

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experience in similar types of disease, the author maintains

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