was moderate enlargement of the heart, pulse varying from 90 to
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A Case of Total Gastrectomy. — By Viera de Carvalho.
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into the cortex. After Jst stage: 'i days conjugate deviation to right, defective; pupils
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lirethren, on the eve of their experiment, the neeosity
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the mortality may finally not exceed 5 to 10 per cent.
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aluminum cream, as suggested by Marshall and Welker. 8 The
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part, the other from the back part, to show how much of this sub-
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phoid fever, as adojited by Prof. Lange, at the Western
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to which they are attributed. A division of the cases of obesity into gen-
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that in childhood it takes fifty to one hundred grammes
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patient, for often it is to the interest of the recruit
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his cerebral irritation was responsible for his " aristo-
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type. Their ducts pierce the muscularis mucosae, and
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nystagmus has a quick and a slow component; it is named from
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amount of " cancer-juice " may be pressed out of the softer cancers,
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circumstances of the case admit of it." Now when we consi-
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rience, as Bretonneau, and other men of liltleor none. He shows
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yards, nearer the mountain, and behind a wood which siieitered
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July l.st. — Everyway much better. Spots about gone. Iron,
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sexual function of untreated hypogonadal patients are
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wonderfully improved. He could be easily roused, answered qjiestions
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The noteworthy fact that occasionally, in exceptionally destructive cases of pul-
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creasing size, instead of sponge or tangle tents. Schroeder goes further, and
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lateral walls of the pharynx, posterior to and a little above the
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oral cavity has been involved in some cases. Maitland's ex-
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sustained a superficial abrasion over the left patella. Ten days later
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the tertain form, and the segments are arranged in a more symmetrical
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Horseshoe Lane, 54 E. Main St. / Newark, Del. / 302-453-8385 ^
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flowed with standing room only. The Sunday Mass was almost always comfort-
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the following for consideration : It shall be considered unpro-
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cessary exposure should be avoided. Supporting measures
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these insects cause the disease by inoculating the original fully developed
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one of you for your presence, for your friendship, for your
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dered root may be scalded in a pint of water, and drank
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Sevestre and Martin suggest that this form of the disease seems like an