pended in the milk-plasma. They are made up for the most part

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rln-thm, and the pause and the stronger beat that follows it may cause

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0.5 gm. each of salvarsan were given. Six months have elapsed and the patient

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Denmark to Minocqua; J. A. Jackson, Berlin to Randolph; C G. Willson,

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A period of three years of general practice is insufficient to

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alcoholics have long been recognized, such as acute infections^ trauma,

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that he knows this little well. Conscious of this virtue, he feels

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degrees of disease, that former experience had taught us to be

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they cannot help it. How is this condition of dipsomania

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Captaln Wm. B. Banister, assistant surgeon, is relieved

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denly " the blues have left " and his health is vastly im-

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vidual is also, for the time being, exhausted, for second attacks in the

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ture and horticulture, 196 on English philology and education,

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out becoming pigmented represent a species by themselves, although

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Life-history, &c., Trenton, N. J., Mac Crellish & Quigley, state printers

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in the tissues, was a silk or some other non-absorbable knot.

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Motion of hip: Flexion, 16 degrees; abduction, 10 degrees; external

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dramatize the ague, and then lie four hours in silence, meditating on the pleas-

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35. N. Y. Med. Record, Vol. 52, p. 400, 1897. Copied from British

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of dissimilar layers of the primitive granules." It is necessary to remember

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animals at the Philadelphia Zoological Garden, 130, 145

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A few drops of a solution of one and one-half drachms of duboisia

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of their acting favourably would have been very great. In a few well-

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7. The two forceps tlien release it, and take fresli hold of tlic

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the bones and joints, and held to one side. In a case of extreme talipes equinus

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dulness was now found to be increased, while a loud,

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in other words, there was a 2 to 1 ratio instead of the

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from the beginning of the attack. In mild cases ten to fifteen days and

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goes into the body in part through the intestinal tract

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ticularly lavage, and if necessary gastroenterostomy. If tetany

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all animal extracts, and that they have long been known

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and when traction is made upon them, draw the edges of the wound

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rect in relation to the dysentery of 1849-50-51. Other causes

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where formerly I should have used a crayon of sulphate of copper.

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ble time, and then with a bandage. I had little or no hope,

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remains. But this is enough to produce an eddy of the blood,

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a pipe-stem became embedded beneath the skin on the