(2) General Treatment of Gout if Patients, — Persons liable
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the method of using tuberculin as a test has been much
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August 8th: Catheter twice. Ammoniacal odor of urine; alkaline reaction and some
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him if it was sent by him for publication. He, Dr. Locking,
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a very long portion of gut being occasionally involved.
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occur alone, constitute our thoughts or ideas. It is the explanation of
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Ibr a time to consider the disease as muscular rheumatism or oiTalca.
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more explicit, our apparatus (see engravings, figs. 1 and 2), consists of
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three months; six months; seven, ten, and thirteen months
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only visible evidence of aural disorder. Nothing pathologically
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a preference for the flexures and moist situations. Most of the secondary
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he thinks they have increased in size. His elbow joints
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peratures succeed. This seems a critical period, for in
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feeble until the oesophagus is filled for some distance above
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translation from the German. Edited by Frederick Peterson, M.D.,
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method of Beale, who has shown that, if calculi are contained in the
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patient, -or his own fingers may carry it to his mouth, or that the vehicle for the
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Its weight on July 5 was 138 pounds. By the middle of July it was
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accomplish this purpose. From the somewhat superficial
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Gould's large Medical Dictionary : Infection means the communi-