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Gallicus" (1680-1685), which was published in Latin in
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nence along one or two lines, doing of course good work along the
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it to be very fatty, and the label on the jar informs us
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What of the patients themselves? Expectations were set
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not the country became plentifully supplied with hospitals for the disease,
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tion. He said it divided the State in as many asylum
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to the city of New York, and you will find if a man expectorates
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the clinical characteristics of each. This we think is a point of
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distance from Boston, and the excellence of the papers
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Section of Surgery, — "Septic Peritoneal Infections; Qassification and
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of about two inches long in the middle of the dorsal re-
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Without expressing any opinion as to the policy of such a
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no relation between the degrees of fragility, though
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doctor that he had been in the condition in which he
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Compound tincture of iodine completed a cure in many
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suppuration is due to neglect, and that in these instances recovery is
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approaches, has these attacks. I have always cured her by passing a
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diet, is not suflBciently nourishing to prevent scurvy, and in
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med. beige, Brux., 1890, xiii, 6.56-662, ] pi.— Curtis (B. F.)
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than with that of Herophilus, or with that of Herophilus rather
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this way, as may be easily followed by the eye, constantly added to those
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sizes were successively used, but no instrument engaged,
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shortly, in favorable cases, a reaction occurs and the body begins to throw
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raspberry and currant bushes, etc., etc., and is especially prevalent apparently
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general way— a proper degree of cold is also a relia-
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the excessive proportion of Jews among psychiatrical
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derangement of the motor functions. These sensory and motor derangements
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form, when properly administered, is so convenient that it
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photosensitivity; fyecial Senses Blurred vision, taste alteration, anosmia, conjunctivitis, dry eves, tearing.