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In the present study I used certified milk from which the cream had been

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The removal of the ingesta and gases from the stom-

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quent exsanguination of the trunk. 2. The introduction

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animals are more liable to nervous diseases than those of a lower

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a transitory glucosuria by puncturing a certain spot in the floor

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the desire of the Arabs for knowledge of the wisdom of

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bloody serum. The mass continues to enlarge, forming an

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other three? If we examine the constituents, we find

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Each competitor must furnish five copies of his competitive essay. Essays must not

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tive symptoms (absent in myelitis), the slight paralysis and preserva-

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The other case was that of a woman of 24 j-ears, who was

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the vegetable kingdom, which has the least poisonous

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condition; at the Branch Hospital yL grain doses of

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The description that he has given of the complaint, in the second

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some days before a hemorrhage and at times well into convalescence.

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^The authors acknowledge their indebtedness to Dr. J. Howard Brown and

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however, here, although it seldom occasions danger to human life, pro-

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retics. Steggall thinks that quinin does irritate the kidneys

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Guinea Pig 5. — The same inoculation as Guinea Pig 4. In 12 hours marked

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groups of precocious children. Among these there was one child of nine

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utferines du fcetus (exceute la syphilis). Bull. ni6d. du

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(Finger, Councilman, and others) that the gonococcus may be the only infec-

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Repr. from: Tr. Am. Climat. Ass., Phila., 1897, xiii.

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1. Per Centum Solutions and Mixtures.— ^vlti^ly 480 (the

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enzyme first converts the sugar, be it glucose, mannose or fructose,

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methods of adulteration now practiced. One of these is by the