In all my cases I did not give either creosote or cod-

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in a very large number of cases, because the early experiences were so

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that actual diseases of the arteries and heart, that is, other than the

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Fowler's solution, and in small dose, not more than from three to ten

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Pennsylvania ; Surgeon to the Gynecean Hospital, Philadelphia. Oc-

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Fees for professional examinations, spring 6,815 00

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The filtering flask Avas sterilised in the same Avay as the glass cylinder, if

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lated. He was delighted with the results of this mode of relief, and

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the collection of scientifically significant fossils.

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then a city of 6,000, had obtained all that she asked for and other improvements

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it relaxes, and relief may be obtained for a greater or less period of time.

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the sphincter muscle of the urinary bladder retains the urine

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a few words only need be said. They are three in number — superior,

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of the brain itself, when the condition may best be described as tuber-

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land the law requires a total of 8 weeks before and after labor. This is

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There was very little fever early, and some of this may have been due

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various circumstances which may interfere with the operation of the respective

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stagnation of blood to take place, we will have much fewer

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The foregoing relates to the proper management of those threatened with an

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The statistics reveal some interesting facts as to the influ-

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ficial anus, thus thoroughly Hushing the whole of the large

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paralysis in which the disease has lasted the ordinary period, are as

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or stL'cetbread { Fig. 30 ) . It is about six inches long by three-fourths

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place about the time of the critical defervescence. There are about

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tinal lesion at least is a special growth, which, in cases of

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Yomiting is symptomatic of a great variety of affections, exclusive of

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in many instances it still holds its place, and consequently

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in cases of typho-malarial fever, with reference to a continuation of anti-