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Health Rcpts., 1923, 38, 1003), further studies of the penetration of
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Tjrought under my notice by my friend, Mr. Henry Grace
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MISSOURI MEDICINE/September 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 9 585
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begun to walk at 18 months and talk at 2 years. Said to have been weak in
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Osteo-dermatoplastic Amputation of the Foot. — RydygierC lieilngc
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had probably largely lost their infectious qualities.
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connection with the Western Infirmary, Glasgow, £250.
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color. It also acts on the kidneys as a stimulant, producing diuresis,
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yearly editions have appeared since the initial number. The present
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state of total collapse, or suffering with delirium tremens,
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various forms of prostatic enlargement. Having emptied the blad-
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acute inflammations, such as erysipelas and pneumonia, or of the spedfio
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makes it probable to me that here, as in Case III., which
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Sig. — One every two hours until four or five have been taken.
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faciens, 3 (1); Streptococcus anthracoides 3, (0); gonococcus, 2 (2); typhoid
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