limitation to the border of the lung and by the ab-

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peutics, at the Thirty-Eighth Annua! Meeting of the

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of the tumour, but had more or less of that granular appearance, showing

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Wounds and suppurating sores of all kinds have little tendency

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yellowish blisters of serous fluid on the surface ; the dark

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greater. Arbitrarily, I believe, the [)ercentage of tuberculous

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small pieces or as a cast of the larynx and trachea. This occurs most

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slight attack of the disease itself was frequently expe-

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sense on which so much of human happiness and intelligence depends,

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character of Sandown. The place is thoroughly drained, and not into the

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forty, 18.7 per cent, from forty to sixty, and 3.2 per cent, over sixty

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of the spongy portion, the steel bar /?', on which there

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pathic, or are, at any rate, not directly connected with other diseases or

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on the days of treadwheel labour over that of mere routine labour was

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has about the same high altitude and cold variable climate in the

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i^rrafini (A.) Sul gradu di virulenza delle fecci di ani-

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results which have been arrived at are very satisfactory, and a preliminary

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overcome. The principle holds even in matters that do not concern

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other hand, leading to thickening and distortion of the omentum and

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Ziemssen further concludes that cases of paralysis of a

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Bony Growth of the Nose and Nasopharynx. By Middlemass Hunt, M.B. ... 165

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lung varies in position with the varying position of the diaphragm. The

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The injurious influence of the adhesions is simply demonstrated

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Pancreatitic Fat Necrosis. — The fat necrosis that

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but the remedv is absorbed and acts as a direct stimulus. It

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the ship became perfectly stagnant, and there was no means of es-

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in bony ankylosis an exsection is decided on, I take the pre-

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attempt the replacement of the separated ends of the

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always been regular) had been absent for three months.

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if not syphilitic or tubercular should be removed. Com-

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operating room where spinal anesthesia was given and

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Dr. Cheyne generally directs the patient to begin with