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The American Journal of Dental Science. Edited by Chapix A. Harris,

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Fig. 126. The mite or aearus known as Symbiotes Bovis. Magnified.

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'Nichols, A. H.. "Eeport on an Outbreak of Intestinal Disorder Attribut-

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The patient applied to the hospital on account of hoarseness ; he

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De. Ralph Rr.iiKiwMnrN of Milwaukee: — ^I regret very much that I was

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or coughing, sneezing or blowing the nose, thrusting a hairpin or ear

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The symptoms may point to the existence of renal disease if the cysts

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degree of precision. His results are as follows : The

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dosage to obtain this reaction is the i^eal secret of all X-ray treatment.

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