caseous metamorphosis of the pneumonic product. The origin of the
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Dr. Thorndike amputated the thigh at the middle third, by the circular
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(A) Influencing Chiefly the Male Generative Organs.
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(4.) Whether prussic acid can be detected in the blood in the
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The uterus was normal in size and position, and freely
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extremities — a matter of surprise to him — and tended, more or
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we have made 60 determinations which cause us to state that in
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free; 9 tubes used with 25 pieces of material; i piece
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cases such a procedure would be safe ; that after two or three weeks the
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to be rubbed in with a brush every second day, for 3 or 4 times.
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in general, of applying single constituents is a better one than
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1. Some Ancient Methods of Treating Fevers. J. Lemake
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31eclicinal Uses of Ptelea TrifoUafa. By 0. F. Potter, M.D.,
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currence. The reason why the upper lid is most affected is
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only attempted nothing ! I used to compute that they, poor
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aneurisinnl, carcinomatous or other tumors, enlai^ment of glands, etc.;
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toms uniformly, if generally, marked in cases of tapeworm. The exist-
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wear a corset by day and employ extension by night. Volkmann had
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the toes of both feet, the right ankle and the right knee were involved;
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> Hand-book of Practical Treatment, Phila., 1917, iv, 225.
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long hesitate to adopt the lines of thought which lean
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VIII, of the state constitution, authorizes *'The legislature to
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certain experimental inoculations made by William Pepper, which
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would become accelerated. In the first twelve hours,
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delight of the assembly, of which ladies generally formed a
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Powerful contraction of the right external oblique described in Exercise 8.
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for the treatment of pain after peripheral nerve injury. Anesthesiology
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middle ear, or tympanum ; and the labyrinth. The tympanum is separated
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Edition, revised. With 362 illustrations, including 22 plates
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but there were no indications of pleurisy. Soon after the pain shifted
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bone and could not admit nor pass on the liquid. The abdominal con-
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tiua. Med. News, Pbila., 1895, Ixvii, 236-240. -Heiiii.
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support payments per Wisconsin's Child Support Standard, to
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48. Porter, Miles F. : Cholecystostomy versus Cholecystectomy, Jour. Am. Med.
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dinary form, which is found in every obstetric case. So long as it is