those of irritation, such as we see in meningitis ; pain at the seat of the
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pends upon its high value as a germicide, its non-poisonous nature, and
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perience has demonstrated that the latent effects of gon-
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The influences of impure air and water, imperfect drainage,
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(Cent.Crim. Court, March 1863), the learned judge made the following remarks,
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into the service of the United States are known as mobilization
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having been affected with typhoid. The investigation
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No doubt can be reasonably entertained as to their nature, with-
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the physical signs and several electrocardiograms taken in the next few days
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consider was this : " Is Caesarean section, even with its
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but the critical position of the case was more forcibly shown by the
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the North Carolina Medical College m 1914. ^^ ^^^ University of N. C. and $2,500.00
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far more frequently the result of nerve-exhaustion than of
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widespread destruction of the cord from the second to the
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Without attempting to dogmatize or speculate on a subject
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Right Femur. — A bony mass is discernible covering the
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ligament. In both of them at the post-mortem examina-
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or, as Adami would have it, sub-infection. A vicious circle is thereby
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health, and there is a more or less important rise in the quantities of
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on the body as the result of accident ? These are questions, the answers to
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formerly were rightly considered an absolute bar to ether
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gin. He now gradually recovered. Diarrhoea appeared on the 3d ; was watery, pro-
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